» Faith Formation for Youth & Adults

Posted on: September 20, 2018

9am Sundays in the Fireside Room

In discussions led by our clergy, staff, and parishioners, together we will learn, reflect, discuss, and deepen our understanding of Christian faith.

Oct. 21: Rev. Craig Lemming, our assistant rector and volunteer chaplain of the Circle of the Beloved, the Minnesota chapter of the Episcopal Service Corps, speaks on the theme “Building the Beloved Community.”

Oct. 28: Jean Hansen, Director of Children, Youth, & Family Ministry, convenes a discussion of “Faith and Family Practices.”

Nov. 4: As the midterm elections near, parishioners Tisha Colton, Libby Snelson, Jamie Bents, and Gregory Torrence will share their perspectives on “Faith and Civic Responsibility.”

Nov. 11: Parishioner Richard Bryntesen speaks on “Awe, Joy, and Happiness”: Why do we often focus on disgust rather than awe? How is joy different from happiness, and how can we build happiness practices into our own lives?

Nov. 18: Parishioner the Rev. Ernie Ashcroft will speak on the Book of Common Prayer 1979 as a resource for faith.