» StoryCorps: Parishioner’s Faith Stories

Posted on: April 22, 2020

Saint John’s launched a series of StoryCorps stories featuring members of the Saint John’s community sharing their faith story back in December 2019. By sharing and listening to each other’s stories, we remind one another of our shared humanity, we strengthen and build connections between people, we teach the value of listening, and we promote the understanding that everyone’s story matters.

Every Wednesday for the last five weeks, we have revisited those stories we first started to share in December, and have had the opportunity to hear new ones as well.

With our review of the interviews at an end, parishioner Aimee Baxter has shared some thoughts with us on the project as a whole. Click here to watch her short video reflection about the interviews, the role of stories in her life, and the role they might play in yours. The interviews themselves will also remain available for you to listen to on our StoryCorps page.