» Virtual Gathering to Meet Bishop Elect

Posted on: April 23, 2020

With events and vacations and conferences canceled, it’s been hard for all of us to envision the best avenue in which we could alter our plans without canceling them too. One of those plans is the East Metro Mission Area gathering in ECMN. While last year focused on searching for Bishop X, the theme and focus this year was to get to know our bishop-elect and give him the opportunity to know what east metro mission area is all about. The plan was to come together and share a meal of diverse foods, and have presentations from some of the faith communities, while others would set up booths to showcase their church’s uniqueness. All that has changed.

While we are not able to physically come together, thanks be to God that technology allows us to virtually get together and still be able to connect and get to know one another.

Because East Metro is so big, the 19 faith communities have been split into three different groups allowing for separate and smaller gatherings so that YOU will have a better opportunity to converse and get to know our Bishop-Elect on a more personal level.

Saint John’s community is invited to meet The Rev. Craig Loya (virtually) this Saturday, April 25 from 1:30-2:30pm.

You will need to register to attend this event. Please click and follow the link to sign up and to confirm your attendance. Once you register, you will receive the login information for this meeting in your inbox.