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Jerry Woelfel, Senior Warden*

Marilyn Conklin, Junior Warden*

Jered Weber-Johnson, Rector*

Bob Baumann, Clerk

Rick Rinkoff, Treasurer, Finance*


Term Expires end of 2017

John MacBain (Property)

Chris Matter (Faith in Action)

Judy Stack (Formation)

Nancy Wellington (Music)


Term Expires end of 2018

Jay Clark (Children, Youth, and Family)

Tom Evans (At Large)

Peter Rosendale (At Large)

Diane Wallace-Reid (Pastoral Care)


Term Expires end of 2019

Josh Colton (At Large)

Alice Johnson (At Large)

Dusty Mairs (Building)

Brad Parsons (At Large)



*Member of Executive Committee


Vestry Members 2017 Directory (PDF)


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