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Jerry Woelfel, Senior Warden*

Marilyn Conklin, Junior Warden*

Jered Weber-Johnson, Rector*

Bob Baumann, Clerk

Rick Rinkoff, Treasurer, Finance*


Term Expires end of 2017

John MacBain (Property)

Chris Matter (At Large)

Judy Stack-Nelson (At Large)

Nancy Wellington (Music)


Term Expires end of 2018

Jay Clark (At Large)

Tom Evans (At Large)

Peter Rosendale (At Large)

Diane Wallace-Reid (At Large)


Term Expires end of 2019

Josh Colton (At Large)

Alice Johnson (At Large)

Dusty Mairs (At Large)

Brad Parsons (At Large)



*Member of Executive Committee


Vestry Members 2017 Directory (PDF)


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