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Stewardship of our time and finances is the way we make our faith tangible. We give out of gratitude for all that God has given us, because there are needs that cannot be met without our help, and because it reminds us to trust that God will provide what we need.

The gifts of money and talent that we share with others are a clear reflection of our values. Stewardship is not primarily about raising or giving money, but rather our spiritual growth.  What are you most thankful to God for this year? How has your involvement with St. John’s deepened and enriched your life? What would be lacking in your experience of God without the role that St. John’s has played in your life over the years? What will determine the amount and proportion of your giving to St. John’s?  May it be our deep sense of gratitude to God and St. John’s, coupled with our desire to grow spiritually. And the knowledge that it is not about the amount given, but our desire to show up and be counted.

Why should you pledge rather than simply give? The budget that we present at the Annual Church Meeting must be based on the anticipated support from our congregation. Knowing in advance our parish’s total financial commitment in pledges allows our Finance Committee and Vestry to more accurately plan for the coming year and report those plans to the congregation.

St. John’s is a “body” of faith that manifest God’s work and influences via worship, music, fellowship, community, outreach, youth, and adult education. I support SJE for that body of faith that nurtures me and brings me closer to God. It is a special community and I see the benefits my contribution makes in every event, every Sunday, in every parishioner.
– Tricia Durst

After my husband and I were married here, it dawned on me that the programs, small groups, and other offerings at St. John’s require a tremendous amount of support. That support comes in the form of the staff’s care and labor, volunteering of time and talent by the members of St. John’s, and financial support of those who are able. I knew I wanted to volunteer my time to at least one of the programs at our parish, but I also knew that I could not provide support to all that St. John’s does unless I made a stewardship pledge. My pledge reflects my desire that all who come to our community can find a small group or program that speaks to their needs.
Kevin Seitz-Paquette


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