» Youth Confirmation

During the second year of the J2A phase of the Journey to Adulthood Program, the youth prepare to affirm their faith as adults in the church through the rite of Confirmation. In addition to regular attendance at worship, and at the J2A class, confirmands will also have a mentor from the parish assigned to them to support him or her as they make this spiritual journey. Confirmation also includes retreats and field trips in order to be confirmed by the Bishop.

After four years in The Journey to Adulthood program, participation in the rite of Confirmation becomes a mature decision made by spiritually-equipped young people, and it places confirmation in its proper context, not as a rite of passage, nor as an exit ritual, but rather a chance for the individual youth to confirm that which was said for them and to them at their Baptism. It is their chance to stand before the community of faith and make a public declaration of their understanding of their place in the journey of faith and their desire and willingness to continue along the journey with us, all together, in the Body of Christ.

Confirmation is not a requirement. It is the decision of the confirmand to make this rite. The Episcopal Church’s theology of confirmation has continued to evolve along with its understanding of baptism. Confirmation is no longer seen as the completion of Christian initiation, nor is confirmation a prerequisite for receiving communion. Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s body the church (BCP, p. 298). Accordingly, confirmation has been increasingly understood in terms of a mature, public reaffirmation of the Christian faith and the baptismal promises. 

To learn more about youth confirmation at St. John’s, please contact Katie Madsen at cyf@stjohnsstpaul.org.


Confirmation Goals

  • Connect youth with other adults (besides their parents) in order to learn about Jesus Christ and what the Christian Faith means in their daily lives.
  • Build a Christian community, rooted in Christ (distinguishing this community from any other)
  • Better understanding of basic Christian topics: The Bible, Sacraments, 10 Commandments, Lord’s Prayer, Apostles’ Creed, develop better understanding of Christian discipleship – i.e. and church basics such as stewardship, service and evangelism
  • Learn to balance our day-to-day activities and keep God as a priority
  • Learn about and explore our Spiritual Gifts
  • Articulate our faith in Christ


Confirmation Expectations

Regular Attendance on Wednesday Nights: You may miss a total of four Wednesday gatherings per program year. If you need to miss more than four times, please speak with the Director of CYF.

Attendance at Worship Services: Each confirmand is expected to attend at least two worship services per month, between now and Confirmation Sunday (TBD). At all services, a Worship Questions/Sermon Notes sheet will be available. The sheet should be completed by the confirmand for at least one service per month, and returned to the church office, or on the next Wednesday night gathering.

Mentor Meetings: Each confirmand is expected to meet with their mentor at least one time per month until Confirmation Sunday (TBD). Mentors, adults from the St. John’s community, will be chosen during the first year of J2A.

Retreat: Each confirmand is expected to participate in at least one retreat during their time in J2A. Options include: TEC, Pre-TEC, Peer Ministry, or a similar retreat with approval from the Director of CYF.

Ministry: Each confirmand is expected to participate in at least one worship ministry of the church. Examples are: Acolyte, Reader, Altar Guild, Usher or Youth Choir. Or, you may speak with the Director of CYF about an alternative.

Service: Each confirmand is expected to participate in at least three service opportunities sponsored by St. John’s and totaling approximately 10 hours. Options are:

  • Set up, Serve and Clean Up at one of our annual parish events – Gathering Sunday, Hearts to Homes Chili Cook Off, Parish Christmas Party, Pancake Dinner
  • Complete a full shift through Faith in Action – Project Home, Farmers Market
  • Complete a full shift as a – Godly Play Greeter, Church Greeter, Nursery Caregiver
  • Complete 2 hours of service work – Parish Office work, Garden Circle, Project Home, Refugee Ministry (arranged with the Refugee Ministry Team)
  • Join the Prayer Chain Ministry or Altar Guild Ministry