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Small Groups— “Joining Together, Growing Together”

Our Saint John’s small groups are a place to go deeper into relationship: with other people of Saint John’s and with God. The groups are gatherings of 8-12 members who meet regularly for friendship and spiritual support; some rotate their meetings among the members’ homes, others meet at Saint John’s or in a coffee shop. Some groups meet to study scripture or have a common interest, but all focus on our shared life of faith. Most house groups meet monthly.

New house groups are forming now! Are you interested in a daytime group, a north metro group, or a Minneapolis group? Please contact Craig Lemming if you are interested in learning more at 651-228-1172 x18 or craig.lemming@stjohnsstpaul.org.

Below some small group members share their reflections:

“Our small group began when six of us–the Kassekerts, the MacBains, and the Elliotts–joined St. John’s at about the same time, and the Rev. Barb Mraz invited us to launch a group with members Phyllis Merrill and Kathleen Hanson. We have gathered semi-monthly–as work and travel schedules permit–for some great dinners and conversation. From time to time we’ve also scheduled specific topics, from books (on prayer, the afterlife, comparing the Gospels) to worthy causes that we’ve supported as a group. We’ve also gone on adventures together touring, shopping, and dining in nearby locales. Our goals have been to get into serious topics without getting TOO serious and to have a good time together.”

“As a member of our St. John’s family for over 30 years, I have participated in a fair number of groups: healing, gifts course, housegroup, Bible study and women’s group. Even long term committee work has functioned as a small group for me.  As I take a moment to think about my experiences in these wonderful groups what I see is a pattern. To begin with, each group had something that either I felt called to participate in or intrigued me.  Here I would say God was nudging me.  I went into each group with some preconceived ideas or goals etc. about the group and myself.  And then by showing up, participating, being open and vulnerable; the incredible Holy Spirit working with sighs too deep for words showed me, gave me a deeper, much deeper bond/affection with my St. John’s family and with the Divine. And as this ‘rock tumbler’ effect of the Divine, small groups and me has happened; there are so many beautiful points of light in the pews as well as in the world connecting all of us to each other.  How could it be any different?”

“Our group is essentially a Cursillo small group that meets weekly. All meetings are at our home. Individuals sign up to lead the Study or bring treats on a volunteer basis. We had a visitor to our group few years ago. Evaluating us, she shook her head and declared: ‘Only God could bring a group as diverse as this together. I have to believe there is a God!'”

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