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St. John’s Health Center in Kayoro, Uganda

1In 2008 St. John’s made a commitment to get to know the people of Kayoro, Uganda and help them build a clinic. When faced with seemingly overwhelming needs beyond our ability or capacity to affect, we need to just choose to do “one good thing.”

In partnership with Give Us Wings, a small international development nonprofit, St. John’s raised the funds needed to build Kayoro Clinic, which opened its doors in January 2012.

The clinic, which is named “St John’s Kayoro Health Centre II,” employs a small staff, including nursing, laboratory, security, cleaning, and administrative personnel. Although there is no on-site doctor, each month on “Doctor Days” several doctors visit the clinic to treat patients.

2The clinic provides both health care and community gathering space for the people of Kayoro Village. Out-patient services include immunizations, family planning, pre-and post-natal care, diabetes screening, HIV testing and counseling, and treatment for various communicable and infectious diseases. In addition to medical services, the clinic helps bring clean water to the community and provides training in household sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition.

The People of Kayoro

3The small village of Kayoro, Uganda and surrounding rural area is home to 12,000 people, 80 percent of which are children, half of them orphans. Most children are born at home with virtually no pre-natal or post-natal care. Communicable diseases, including malaria, cholera, and diarrhea, result in very high child mortality rates in children under 5 years of age. Both adults and children suffer from malnutrition, leading to Kwashiorkor and marasmus. Nearly one third of adults are HIV positive and cancer is of increasing concern.

Building Relationships

4Initially, St. John’s goal was simply to build a clinic. But it quickly evolved into building relationships, getting to know the people of Kayoro and understanding their lives. That, in turn, led to a commitment to support and expand the work of the clinic. Members of St. John’s regularly travel to Uganda and are hosted by families in Kayoro. We labor alongside them and pray with them. In addition to funding, we send first aid supplies and vitamins, artwork and letters, blankets and dresses. Lasting change is being brought to both Kayoro and St. Johns as we learn about resilience and faithfulness in the face of hardship.

Updates from Kayoro Clinic  
September 2016 – Construction of sanitation facility
September 2015 – end of month report
August 2015 – Maama Kit distribution pictorial report
August 2015 – Clinic Day pictorial report
August 2015 – Fence Progress pictorial report

Trips to Uganda
2017 –  A trip to visit the people of Kayoro, Uganda and the St. John’s clinic is being planned for July 27-August 6, 2017.  For more information contact Lea Anne Schmidt (612-385-6379) or leaanne.schmidt@stjohnsstpaul.org.
2015 – Shirley Sailors’ blog and photos
2013 – Slide show: Images of St. John’s Clinic
2013 – Slide show: Give Us Wings trip photos

Family-to-Family Program
The Family-to-Family Program helps support families in Uganda by building ties with families in the U.S.  Those who sponsor Ugandan families provide $1500/year to help them climb out of poverty and build a sustainable future.  The funding can be used to enroll their children in private school, meet health care needs, or secure access to business mentoring and small loans. Family-to-Family offers a unique opportunity for both the Ugandan and U.S. families to learn about each others lives and hear each others stories.  As of February 2016, there are 10 families or individuals at St. John’s who are sponsoring families in Uganda.  For more information, please contact the non-profit organization Give Us Wings, which administers the Family-to-Family program.

Continuing Connection
2015 – St John’s Statement of Commitment
2011 – Tiles from St. John’s installed at Kayoro clinic  
2011 – Dresses made by the Sewing for Kayoro group

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