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08/23/20 - LOVE, RECYCLED

A Sermon by The Rev. Barbara Mraz August 23, 2020 St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church Exodus 1:8 – 2:10, Matthew 6:13-20 Let us pray: “Everything we really love undergoes a change. So, suffering must become love. That is the mystery.” Amen. He is known as a fool by those around him but they acquiesce because of his power and position. He is paranoid, contemptuous of those who oppose him, […]

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07/26/20 - Baking Bread during COVID

A Sermon by The Rev. Barbara Mraz St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church St. Paul, Minnesota  Matthew 33:31-33, 44-52 Once upon a time, there was a children’s book called Happiness Is a Warm Puppy by Charles Schultz.  Schultz defined abstractions by giving concrete examples. So “sadness” is losing your favorite sweater. “Guilt” is knowing you broke your sister’s doll. “Happiness” is a warm puppy. It is difficult to define abstractions […]

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06/28/20 - Connection Precedes Correction

A Sermon by the Rev. Barbara Mraz June 28, 2020   In the name of God who calls us to connection and correction. I’m drowning in a sea of virtual words: words about the virus, words about race, words on MPR in the car, words on Facebook and emails, words in online newspapers, words in books words from the church…. Sometimes I feel like Austrian Emperor Joseph felt about a […]

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04/26/20 - Hints and Guesses

HINTS AND GUESSES   April 26, 2020    The Rev. Barbara Mraz    Luke 24:13-35   Walking and talking, my friend Jeanne and I used to circle Lake Harriet several times a week on summer mornings. We were intensely self-absorbed, unattuned to the ripples in the sparkling lake, the birdsong, the patterns of light through the trees because important matters must be discussed! The quirky personalities at the Blake School […]

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03/15/20 - High Noon at Jacob

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HIGH NOON AT JACOB’S WELL A Sermon by the Rev. Barbara Mraz St. John the Evangelist Episcopal church St. Paul, Minnesota March 15, 2020   John 4:5-42   For 2000 years, Christians have gathered to worship God. They have met in private homes, in cemeteries, in structures of all types, in prisons, in schools, on the battlefield, in war and peace, adapting to persecution, national or international events, or simply […]

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