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10/22/17 - “Show Me the Money…”

  Matthew 22:15-22   Some times we agree to do one thing we don’t really want to do to escape doing another thing that would be worse.  So years ago when a certain adjunct bishop was assigned to supervise the deacons of the Diocese and this bishop didn’t see my ministry the way I saw it, the Diocesan bishop intervened and offered me an escape:  How about you report directly […]

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09/17/17 - A Story of Forgiveness

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There are times when the Gospel seems to ask too much. That is the case for me with today’s words about forgiving “seventy times seven.” So far, at least, I have not been able to forgive my father. He died years ago so it’s not that I would forgive him to keep the relationship alive—as is often the case.  It’s just that I can’t say I forgive him without lying. […]

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08/06/17 - The Shining

Exodus 34:29-35 Luke 9:28-36 It’s not my first office in a closet. A couple of years ago I moved out of what is now Kate’s office and into the Fireside Room.  Well, the Fireside Room closet, where supplies, chairs and wine are stored.  I was reducing my time at St John’s and felt it was only fair to give up the prime real estate, so I scouted around and found […]

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06/11/17 - The Scaffold

A Sermon by The Rev Barbara Mraz St John the Evangelist Episcopal Church St Paul, Minnesota June 11, 2017  Genesis    1;1-2:4a 2 Corinthians 13:11-13       Matthew 28:16-20  One thing that has happened to me as a preacher more than once is to wake up Sunday morning with the idea that has eluded me all week, and not really having the time to fit into the sermon the way you would like.  […]

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05/14/17 - The Tender Good-by

THE TENDER GOOD-BY A sermon by The Rev. Barbara Mraz St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church St. Paul, Minnesota May 14, 2017  Mother’s Day  Acts 7:55-60 1 Peter 2:2-10 Psalm 31: 1-5 and 15-16 John 14:1-14   Spring can be a season of taking stock, of change, of good-bys, especially if you are connected to the academic world. For high school or college seniors, May and June can mean saying […]

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