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02/25/18 - Cross

  Mark 8:31-38   Back in the day, I was dropped off each week at Sunday School at St. James Lutheran Church – Wisconsin Synod, West St. Paul. I was a serious, honest little girl with long braids and way more innocence and naiveté than kids today. Maybe this was because the media hadn’t yet gone ballistic, the celebrity culture didn’t yet rule the world, or because I didn’t have […]

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01/14/18 - I Knew It

  1 Samuel 3:1-18 Psalm 139 John 1:43-51   Mid-January and the talk of resolutions and goals and self-improvement is starting to wane but is still there.  With the Super Bowl and upcoming Olympics, now it seems to be all about contests: one football team against another, one skater against another, even your 2017-self up against the improved one you hope to create in 2018: thinner, fitter, smarter, nicer, maybe […]

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12/03/17 - Hope: December 2017

  Advent I Mark 13:24-31     Once upon a time there were things called “Green Stamps.”  Each time you bought gas or groceries you were given stamps reflecting your purchase.  You took these stamps home and pasted them in little stamp books and when you had a certain number you could redeem them at a special store for household items. I got a couple lamps, a small table and […]

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10/22/17 - “Show Me the Money…”

  Matthew 22:15-22   Some times we agree to do one thing we don’t really want to do to escape doing another thing that would be worse.  So years ago when a certain adjunct bishop was assigned to supervise the deacons of the Diocese and this bishop didn’t see my ministry the way I saw it, the Diocesan bishop intervened and offered me an escape:  How about you report directly […]

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09/17/17 - A Story of Forgiveness

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There are times when the Gospel seems to ask too much. That is the case for me with today’s words about forgiving “seventy times seven.” So far, at least, I have not been able to forgive my father. He died years ago so it’s not that I would forgive him to keep the relationship alive—as is often the case.  It’s just that I can’t say I forgive him without lying. […]

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