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09/23/18 - The Apple

She looked over her shoulder at me and waved as she took her first steps onto the big, orange school bus, along with her best friend Jane. Five years old, wearing new shoes of course and a green plaid dress I’d made for her and a big orange sign around her neck with her name and kindergarten teacher’s room number. My heart was in my throat as I understood that […]

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07/29/18 - “Fragments” by the Rev. Barbara Mraz

The song you just heard used to be one my favorites and has been covered by almost every performer on the planet.  Written by the poet and songwriter the late Leonard Cohen, it has always touched me with its beautiful melody and ancient Biblical refrain. It also echoes our lesson today from Second Samuel about David and Bathsheba and introduces timely and relevant moral questions that confront each of us […]

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06/17/18 - The Confidence to Be Good

1 Samuel 15:34-16:13 2 Corinthians 5:6-10   My kids don’t go to church.  They are professionally successful, well-adjusted adults with good marriages. Anna and her husband are stellar parents of two young sons, and Emily and her wife parent a three-year-old Golden Lab with more attention than I gave my first-born child. The dog has its own room. They are caring friends and have strong moral and political convictions. They […]

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03/30/18 - Scars (Good Friday sermon)

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 John 18:1-19:42 This is not a day to mince words, or spare delicate feelings. Good Friday calls us into the very depths of our faith and ourselves. Crucifixion is a horrifying means of death, of course, not as speedy as the electric chair or as medicalized as lethal injection or as instantaneous as hanging. Today we must acknowledge our national complicity, that we, too, execute supposed criminals in […]

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03/29/18 - “The Perfume” — Memorial Service For Patricia Condon Macdonald

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John 12:1-8   Good morning.  I’m Barbara Mraz, one of many of us here who have known and loved Patricia. After Malcom’s comments, I have the daunting job of speaking on behalf of the church as well as my own faith as we all struggle with the feelings of sadness and loss that blanket our hearts. First, a story: England, in “an earlier time”. A hundred or more guests are […]

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