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06/03/18 - “A Story of Moral Courage”

Welcome to the first Sunday in St. John’s summer of Sabbatical Renewal; a season of Sabbath dinners; a season to welcome guests celebrants as we have welcomed our friend The Rev. Ernie Ashcroft today. A season to experience something, a different congregational rhythm, and ten week summer sermon series called Stories of Renewal when you will hear from preachers both familiar and new. It is my pleasure to start the […]

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05/06/18 - Sermon from May 6, 2018

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04/08/18 - The Struggle Continues. We Must Do Better.

The lyrics of a favorite singer/songwriter James Taylor prompt me today. Here is the preface to one of his all time favorite songs– Shine a Light : So let us turn our hearts today to Martin Luther King— And recognize that there are ties between us All men and women…living on the earth Ties of hope and love…sister and brotherhood… That we are bound together in our desire to see […]

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03/04/18 - Judgment & Grace in John — and Metro High School Students as Bearers of the Light

John 3.16: One of the Bible’s most widely quoted verses. Some say, the Gospel in a nutshell; a summary of the central teachings of Christianity. It’s no surprise that America’s Pastor Billy Graham-may he rest in peace-called it his favorite scripture verse, “taught to me” he said, “by my mother when I was just a little boy.” For God so loved the world he gave his only son, so that […]

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02/04/18 - The Mending of the World

Super Bowl Sunday Epiphany V  Year B Mark 1. 29-39   Before I begin, let us pause briefly and listen for the sound of 75K fans, vendors and volunteers making their way down our streets by Uber, Lyft, light rail, or private limo to U.S. Bank Stadium…and just acknowledge that later today the attentions of million football fans across the planet will be trained on a spectacle happening about 10 […]

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