» Sunday Adult & Youth Formation

Our Sunday formation hour for youth and adults, meets every Sunday at 9am in the Fireside Room.

September: “Shaped by Liturgy” 

This series examines how our beliefs about God are formed in the context of Christianity as it is enacted in Liturgy.

September 15: “Liturgy as the Way of Life” presented by Dr. Mark McInroy – Some years ago the French philosopher Pierre Hadot caused a stir in academic circles with his book, Philosophy as a Way of Life. Hadot’s provocative thesis maintains that ancient Greek philosophers have been misunderstood for millennia. Succinctly put, Hadot holds that those philosophers sought not so much to inform as to form. That is, their philosophies do not in fact present dry lists of abstract propositions, as has often been thought; instead they offer wisdom concerning the way one should live. Using Hadot’s thought-provoking work as our point of departure, this presentation will discuss the ways in which liturgy similarly functions to shape one in the Christian life, and indeed the manner in which all knowing is intimately connected to the practices we enact in our lives.

September 22: “How the Liturgy of the Word Shapes Our Way of Life” presented by the Rev. Terry Dinovo – Building on Dr. Mark McInroy’s remarks from the previous week, we will look at liturgy not as a way of being informed, but about being ready to be formed by it, to embody the love of the One who first loved us. [James Farwell, The Liturgy Explained.]

There are two parts to the liturgy, “Word” and “Sacrament.” Together we will look at the first part, “The Word of God.” We hear the Word of God proclaimed from the beginning of the service to the sharing of God’s peace with one another. Through hearing the Word we are formed into a way of life to be lived.

September 29: “How the Liturgy of the Table Shapes Our Way of Life” presented by the Rev. Cynthia Bronson Sweigert – Although we don’t often think about it, the Evangelists were members of believing communities just as we are; they didn’t just as we are; they didn’t just pick up a stylus or reed one day and impetuously write a gospel. They, too, had shaped in and by their respective communities; even more than being informed about Hebrew Scripture and the Jesus traditions, the Evangelists had been formed by them. They were also formed by gathering for the sacred meal, the Last Supper, where they re-membered and made new the presence of Jesus.

Then and now, liturgy serves as a primary source of the symbols and metaphors through which we can make sense of our world, envision a renewed future, and participate in that renewal. Building on what Dr. Mark McInroy and the Rev. Terry Dinovo have discussed, I too, hope to show how liturgy helps to shape our lives as Christians, specifically by looking at the metaphors and symbols of the Liturgy of the Table.

October: “Faithful Stewards of God’s Bounty” 

In October, come to town hall discussions focused on the impact our ministries have on all those involved.

October 6: Members of St. John’s involved in Children, Youth, and Family Ministries, as well as Sarah Barnett from the diocese, will talk about the work the Episcopal Church in Minnesota is doing, specifically pertaining to CYF ministries, and how St. John’s supports it.

October 13: Adult formation and Spiritual Life

October 20: Music

October 27: Faith in Action

November: “Seeing, Noticing, and Welcoming Eucharistic Symbols in the Media” 

This series will explore ways the symbols of Holy Eucharist unexpectedly appear in film, fine art, and television.