» Sunday Adult & Youth Formation

Our Sunday formation hour for youth and adults, meets every Sunday at 9am in the Fireside Room.

Eastertide Faith Formation

This Eastertide will we discuss the theme of how the Spiritual Practice of Pilgrimage leads us to New Life.

April 28 – Discover the New Children’s Book, “Today is Baptism Day” presented by Priest and Author the Rev. Anna Ostenso Moore and illustrator Peter Kruger

Local Episcopal author and illustrator, The Rev. Anna V. Ostenso Moore and Peter Krueger, respectively will share the creation story of their picture book “Today Is a Baptism Day.” They will discuss the theology of baptism in which the book is grounded,  how the project impacted their faith, and invite participants to reflect on their beliefs about baptism. Questions and discussion are welcomed.


May 5 – The Rev. Jered Weber-Johnson discusses his pilgrimage to Alaska and India.

This past summer my wife and children and my mother took two pilgrimages of sorts together – traveling while on sabbatical to my childhood home of Alaska, and my mother’s childhood home of India. On the first, the journey outward reflected my inward desire to reconnect with places of deep meaning to me, and to share those places with my sons. On the second, the trip took us to places I only knew in story, the India of my mother’s childhood, and became an opportunity for her to share with me sites of great importance in her formative years. In both cases the journeys were punctuated by moments of great surprise and delight, as well as feelings of dislocation and disorientation contrasting with feelings of homing and return. In short, the trips were both a mix of complicated and beautiful feelings and experiences. And, both were opportunities to discover God alive and well in my life and in my story in both new and familiar ways.


CANCELLED: The May 12 Faith Forum with the Rev. Keely Morgan is canceled due to a death in her family.


May 19 – “Personal Reflections on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land” presented by the Rev. Susan Moss & Ed Stieve

St. John’s members returning from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land will speak about their experiences.