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Adult Education brings us Bronwyn Clark Skov from the Office of Youth Ministry of The Episcopal Church (aka the National Church). Bronwyn is one of us, a Minnesotan, and a former staff member of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. She shares her philosophy of youth ministry with amazing enthusiasm and lots of energy. You don’t want to miss this!  It will forever change your idea about the value of youth in the church.

Youth to Change Meeting Space

The winter has been a challenge to all of us, in our homes and, most definitely, here in this building. The youth room, 3rd floor, aka Green Room, will be off limits to everyone until the snow melts off the fire escape. Shoveling or snow removal from that landing is not possible until warmer weather has helped to melt most of it. For the safety of everyone concerned that space has been closed for now and will reopen when it is no longer a safety issue.

Sunday Chapel Services

This is it!  This Sunday will be our fourth Sunday morning 8 a.m. service in the Chapel. The informal reviews are in and they are mixed!  A few who have reported they were somewhat less than comfortable.  Pews are without cushions.  Some felt it was crowded.  Others voiced an opposite opinion.  One gentleman talked of how nice it was to be able to hear the speaker without amplification.  Another talked about the intimacy and another talked about the warmth and coziness of the space.  Some recall having had services in there in the past while others have no memory of those services.

The point is this:  We have tried it!

If you have noticed the east wall of the church near the small altar, then you know the building is in for some major repairs.  When that decision is made, and the work begins, it just may require that the early service move back to the Chapel until that wall has been repaired.  Now you know you can do it!

The role of an interim is to shepherd the congregation through “possibilities” so that, when the new rector arrives, the congregation will be comfortable with a different leadership style. According to my Letter of Agreement it is my responsibility to:

Preserve and uphold the full sacramental and liturgical practices of the church according to the canons, the rubrics of the Book of Common Prayer, and diocesan standards.

This Sunday at the 10 a.m. service we will read Morning Prayer Rite I together. The service of Morning Prayer consists of Scripture readings, Prayers, Canticles, Versicles, The Confession and The Apostles’ Creed.  Because at St. John’s on Sunday morning, Morning Prayer is followed by Eucharist, there will be a sermon.

However, Morning Prayer may be read by anyone; unlike the Eucharist which requires an ordained person. You will note that this Sunday The Collect of the Day is in the same language as the service, unlike The Collect for Saint John which is in contemporary language.

We will continue to journey through the appropriate services for Sundays and Special Services found in the Book of Common Prayer and, as sanctioned by General Convention, in the Book of Occasional Services. During Lent we may not follow the schedule for Sunday services as you have become accustomed.  In order to make Lent “different,” set apart from the rest of the liturgical year, using a different form of liturgy is helpful and most revealing. It will help us to engage in the Season of Lent and prepare us for the most important day in the life of a Christian:  Easter, the Day of Resurrection.

Together we will watch and pray.

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