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Come and hear what the Kayoro Clinic visitors experienced on their recent trip to Uganda.  Sunday, February 20, Adult Education in the Fireside Room!!!

Interim Rector’s Friday Letter

Monday was February 14th, Valentine’s Day.  Often a day of expectations not met.  It can produce a sense of sadness or loneliness.  So whoever invented Valentine’s Day?  Some people say it was invented by merchants, or Hallmark cards, to sell romantic greeting cards, candy and jewelry.

According to Wikipedia, Saint Valentine is the name of several (14 in all) martyred saints of ancient Rome.

It was a strange day for me. I often listen to CD’s, recorded books, while driving to and from church and I was over half way through a very intense courtroom mystery.  My husband and I were trading cars that day so my husband could take our daughter, Susan, to the airport and so he could have the oil changed.   I turned on the ignition of the car I usually drive, without starting it, so that I could see where I was on my current disc before I retrieved it to play in the car I was going to be driving.  As I was ready to leave, my husband apologized for not having filled up the tank in the car but he was sure I had enough to get to the church.  Well, I don’t like to risk it so I stopped for gas.  A bit later I arrived in the church parking lot and began to search for my keys.  Having changed cars I had the other set of car keys which did not hold the keys to the church and my office.  I called home and asked my husband to check the other car to make sure that’s where my keys were.  He checked.  He called me back.  I had left the ignition on and the battery was dead – the car wouldn’t start.  The instant charger we had didn’t start the car either.  No oil change.  My husband had to borrow a car to get Susan to the airport.

I had an important lunch appointment and arrived early.  The hostess sat me at a table and I began to prepare for the meeting.  After about twenty minutes I became concerned because this person was never late.  When I expressed my concern to the wait staff a look of horror appeared on her face.  My appointment had been seated in a different dining room and had been waiting for me!

Next, I was to have a meeting back at the church with a very important group of people.  Because my lunch was late getting started, it was a bit late ending, and I was too late to meet with those gathered at church.  That meeting had to be cancelled.

So far, this day was NOT going according to plan!

The afternoon proved to be productive and I finally decided it was time to go home.  My husband was preparing a lovely Valentine’s Day dinner and I was excited to share the evening with him.

When I arrived home my husband asked if I had received flowers.  I looked around the house and didn’t see any, so I said no.  He laughed and said they were sent to the church!  Since no flowers had come before I left, he went on-line to see if there was a confirmation of delivery. There it was:  delivered at about 6 p.m. with a notation that they had been left at the front door.  I left at 5:45 p.m.  He was disappointed, as was I.  Things certainly could have been worse, yet it was an odd day, a day that seemed to be out of whack.

We all have days like that, days when things just don’t seem to fit together.  As I look back on that day I realize that in some ways it was a wonderful day.  Why?  Because it made me realize how much I take for granted.  Almost all my days work pretty well and I rarely acknowledge it.  Yet, when I have a day that’s a little messy, I get bent out of shape.  I have been reminded that every day is a gift!  What’s that saying?  Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift, that’s why it’s called the Present.

For those of you who might be wondering, the next day my husband bypassed the automatic starter, got the car started and the oil changed.  The flowers were waiting for me when I got to church and the cancelled meeting was rescheduled.  It was a better day.


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