What’s up at St. John’s?

  • The month of February we are home to several families who are in transition.  Volunteers from St. John’s, St. Clement’s, and Holy Apostles are making this possible. Our guests are offered a place to sleep, some snacks and friendship. Making this possible for these families expands our use of the building, our resources and our volunteers as we extend ourselves as the hands of Jesus here in our city.  Pray for all who gather here daily.
  • Adult Education this Sunday will feature Elisabeth Geschiere and Sylvia Schwarz who will share their experiences among the peoples of Palestine and Israel as the struggle continues in that region. Come listen to their stories and learn more about the challenges facing the people of that region.
  • Youth Encounter will meet at 11:30 Sunday morning in the Green Room on the 3rd floor.
  • Confirmation Preparation will take place in the Fireside Room from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Wednesday the Youth Group will meet from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Undercroft.
  • Contemplative Service will be held Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the Undercroft.

Due to the extensive use of the building during Project Home, many groups are graciously changing some of their meeting times and or locations.  This helps make a more hospitable place for our guests to be housed.  Please appreciate the need to be flexible during this time.

I found this story to share with all of you.  Read and enjoy.

In a lost land of tropical forests, on top of the only mountain in the region, trapped inside an old volcanic crater system, lived the last ever group of large, ferocious dinosaurs. For thousands and thousands of years they had survived all the changes on Earth, and now, led by the great Ferocitaurus, they were planning to come out of hiding and to dominate the world once more.

Ferocitaurus was an awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex who had decided they had spent too much time isolated from the rest of the world. So, over a few years, the dinosaurs worked together, demolishing the walls of the great crater. When the work was done, all the dinosaurs carefully sharpened their claws and teeth, in readiness to terrorize the world once again.

On leaving their home of thousands of years, everything was new to them, very different to what they had been used to inside the crater. However, for days, the dinosaurs continued on, resolute. Finally, from the top of some mountains, they saw a small town. Its houses and townsfolk seemed like tiny dots. Never having seen human beings before, the dinosaurs leapt down the mountainside, ready to destroy anything that stood in their way…

However, as they approached that little town, the houses were getting bigger and bigger… and when the dinosaurs finally arrived, it turned out that the houses were much bigger than the dinosaurs themselves. A boy who was passing by said: “Daddy! Daddy! I’ve found some tiny dinosaurs! Can I keep them?”

And such is life. The terrifying Ferocitaurus and his friends ended up as pets for the village children. Seeing how millions of years of evolution had turned their species into midget dinosaurs, they learned that nothing lasted forever, and that you must always be ready to adapt.

Author: Pedro Pablo Sacristan

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