Dear Friends in Christ,

We are nearly half-way through our 2012 Stewardship campaign. This Sunday marks the midway point, and as of the sending of this email we have received almost half of the pledged dollars needed to accomplish our goal of a 10% increase in overall pledged dollars or $519,200 for 2012. As you know, pledged dollars provide nearly 60% of our annual budget, and without your support, we would not be able to accomplish all that God has called us to through our ministry here in the city and in the world. This is stewardship campaign is important, even essential, to what we do at St. John’s. If you would like to know more about how your dollars go in support of ministry, check out our stewardship page or call the parish office. The clergy and leadership of the parish would love to not only tell you how your financial contribution supports our ministry, but how you can plug into that ministry with your time and talent – how you can further engage in God’s mission with your whole life at St. John’s.

Early in the campaign, our Stewardship co-chairs designed a series of messages to accompany the weekly stewardship emails you’ve been receiving. Unfortunately the first two of those messages were not sent with the stewardship email. I have attached both messages here to supply you with even more information about the pledge campaign, how you can pledge, and what you need to know about our annual budget. Look for more such info in upcoming stewardship emails.

Blessings and thank you again for your generous support of all we are, all we have, and all we do in the name of Christ Jesus through St. John’s.



Greetings from St John the Evangelist’s Stewardship Committee. We want to extend our thanks and appreciation to all who have pledged in the past and will continue their support this year and into the future. We graciously express gratitude to new pledges and welcome their addition to the ongoing mission of St John’s.

Week 1

This week, the focus of our email will be how/why/when to pledge and some basic info about the St. John’s budget. Why do we give our money, time, and talent to St John’s? There are many reasons, but most simply put it’s because we believe and have faith in our missions. We understand that giving is a personal choice and often comes from a sense that our gift will change someone’s life for the better. It may facilitate a feeling of connection to the community as a whole or, perhaps, it reduces feelings of powerlessness in the face of great need. Giving may come from a self-awareness of one’s own good fortune leading to a desire to share out of one’s own abundance. Whatever the reason, pledging makes a difference. There are many ways to pledge: by mail (if you have not received a pledge card and brochure you can request one be sent to you by calling the church office at 651-228-1172), through our online and secure pledge form on the St John’s website (, or by using one of the pledge cards in the pew back in front of you on Sunday morning (simply place it in an envelope – also available in the pew back – and return in the collection plate). The pledge campaign continues this fall until our celebration on November 6th when we’ll gather for a special party and reception following the Evensong and Bluegrass Mass concert.

Week 2

As we head into the end of 2011 and into 2012, we want to be more transparent about the income and expenses that St John’s incurs, hopefully enhancing your understanding of what is needed in pledge dollars. Our projected income for 2011 is $795,000. Of that, $472,000 is from pledges, $238,000 is a draw from the endowment, and $85,000 comes from miscellaneous sources. Our projected expenses for 2011 are $817,000. That means we start 2012 in a deficit position. By adding in loan service on the roof and keeping the Rev. Keely Franke on staff beyond her original contract, 2102 expenses are closer to $890,000. Continuing to draw on the endowment at the current level is, in one word, unsustainable. We are blessed to have received such generous gifts, and prudent management will allow current parish members and future ones to enjoy the benefits. What we need to do now is increase the amount of pledge dollars to fund operations and the church’s work, and at the same time manage the endowment to maintain its sustainability. Our goal is to increase the number of pledge units by at least 10% this year and to increase the amount of pledge dollars by the same for a projected goal of $519,200.

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