Dear Friends in Christ,

This past week I was in California doing a wedding for some friends. Not being familiar with any of those in attendance beyond the bride and groom, I slipped out of the rehearsal dinner early and onto the balcony to listen to the ocean in the evening. I was struck as I looked out at the black expanse of the Pacific and noticed that the cresting waves glowed from deep within. Underneath the turning waters, something, a disturbed cloud of plankton or tiny organisms, or something possibly even more fascinating, caused the waves to radiate a green glow made all the brighter against the blackness of the night. It was almost hypnotic watching the waves rise and then curl over on themselves, white foam and the glow working together to form a subtle yet quite perceptible lightshow down the beach.

The idea of an inner light is nothing foreign to the Christian vocabulary. Each year at Easter, in the dark of night, a fire is kindled and candles are lit and we hear once again the familiar intoning – “The Light of Christ!” At the baptism, a candle is given, a symbol of the light Christ shines in and through each of us as his beloved children. I’m sure each of you has met or know someone who shines with an inner light. Some folks just seem to glow, to exude the presence and comfort and love of God in their daily lives. Indeed, this is the calling as disciples of Jesus that each of us must respond to, to be so present in prayer and devotion to God in our lives, that God’s light cannot help but shine through us.

There are many ways that we can let our light shine. We can tell others about the love of God that we have encountered in the person of Jesus Christ, in flesh and blood communities like St. John’s. We can serve others in humble ministries, in giving of our time and talent and treasure. We can demonstrate the love of God in our lives by the way we undertake the most mundane activities of our work and duties. There are many ways to let Christ’s light shine. I hope you are discovering your way to shine out all the more.

There is still much going on around St. John’s. Huge Sale begins tomorrow morning – come find a deal and support the cause! Blessing of the Animals is this coming Wednesday the 5th at 6:30 – bring your pets to worship! Looking forward to seeing many of you around the church this week and in the weeks to come.



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