Dear Friends in Christ,

Helen Keller once affirmed what Christians have long proclaimed, saying, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”  Simple.  True.  And often forgotten.  We are best not in solitude and self-reliance, but in community and interdependence.  We need each other, we need community.  As Christians we name this community the Body of Christ – Christian community epitomizes, embodies the very essence and ethic that Jesus lived and taught.  Lose your life for one another. Serve one another.  Forgive one another.  Love one another.

Last night, as I watched all the components of our community, choirs and committees and chairs of committees, wardens and wise parishioners, I was conscious once again of our need for this part of the body of Christ called St. John the Evangelist.  There was such harmony in our coming together exercising our various gifts and ministries to contribute to the whole celebration of a new ministry that God has called into being in our midst.

I can’t say thank you enough to the people who gave of their time and talent, organizing a party, practicing their singing, rehearsing their lines, ushering and acolyting and singing last night!  It was a truly amazing, a rich and full and beautiful evening.  And it took all of us to celebrate this new ministry.  Thank you again to each of you that supported this new ministry by your prayers and presence and your participation in many and varied ways last night.

Thank you too, to all of you who will participate in the weeks to come, in the coming together of many new and renewed ministries as we begin our program year this Sunday.  I hope you come, share some great picnic food (A-L  bring salads, M-Z bring desserts) and learn how you can participate and engage in God’s mission through our various ministries at the ministry fair.

Going back to school?  Bring your backpack and have it blessed before the peace during the 10AM service.  It should prove to be ANOTHER amazing celebratory moment in our life in community.

Thank you and God’s richest blessings on you and yours, as you have already been a rich blessing to me, to one another, and to this part of the Body of Christ at St. John’s.

See you Sunday!



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