Evening Prayer will be offered in the chapel on Wednesdays during Advent at 5pm, prior to the Soup Supper and book discussion. 

Our all-parish Advent read is Gather by Octavia Raheem with Wednesday evening soup suppers and book discussions beginning November 30, at 5:30pm in the Fireside Room.

Come prepared, following the reading schedule below, for a conversation that invites readers to be “Free to pour the medicine of joy, harmony, and abundance from the ladle of [your] heart into the bowl of [your] being.” (Octavia Raheem). Bring a copy of the book including your journal notes.

“Gather is a collection of soulful sayings, poetry, and flashes of insight sewn together into a sacred garment. Each thread was collected with reverence and care. The words here will weave their way into your heart and invite you to awaken from within.” https://octaviaraheem.com/gather/

Reading Schedule:

  • Wednesday, November 30: Introduction through page 34
  • Wednesday, December 7: Page 36 through Page 55
  • Wednesday, December 14: Page 56 through Page 82
  • Wednesday, December 21: Page 84 through Page 109
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