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What is your role as a parishioner during this interim period?

1. Pray for the Parish and the Search Committee!  Here are two suggestions:

Almighty and ever living God, look favorably upon us, the people of St. John the Evangelist, in this time of transition, as we search for a new rector.  We pray for the life of our parish, that we may continue to be guided by your love and strengthened in our mission to serve you through ministry, fellowship and worship. We pray for the search committee, that their hearts and minds may be open to what your spirit is saying. We pray for the priest whose name is yet known to you alone, that he or she be open to your call. Give us your grace to follow where you would lead us, and grant us your peace. In Jesus’ name we pray. AMEN

The following prayer is from Holy Trinity, Clemson, SC as they were going through a search for a new rector:

We give thanks for our brothers and sisters serving on the Search Committee.  Give them the gifts of insight and perception, the gifts of energy and courage, the gifts of wisdom and patience, that they may not leave their task until they have properly discerned your will.  Pour upon us the abundance of your mercy, forgiving us for our own restlessness and uneasiness in this process.  Deliver us from doubt and fear.  Give us those good gifts of faith, hope and charity. We pray through the almighty power of your gift-giving spirit.  Amen.

2. Show Your Support for St. John’s!

This is one of the most important times in the history of St. John’s.  Every candidate who

is considering a call to St. John’s will be reading everything available about your goals, your finances, your stewardship responses as well as your participation in the ministries of outreach, education and worship.  If you have never pledged before, now is the time to begin.  It doesn’t mean you deny your family of their financial needs.  What it does mean is that you will be investing in the future of this parish. There are many reasons for not signing a pledge card, but it is only from the pledges of parishioners that the finance committee can project a viable budget for the vestry to present to the Annual Meeting for approval.

The Stewardship Campaign is the only resource for formulating the program budget for the parish. It is a demonstration of how much this parish means to people.  It reflects a desire for ministry to continue and grow.  Charitable and educational organizations don’t hesitate to ask individuals for financial support, yet some object when the church asks for money.  Like any other institution, we function based on the generosity of our members.

There are many ways in which you are invited to show your support for the church. Your presence is always needed and noted, whether it be participating in worship or serving on some committee.  Sharing your talent is another display of support either through teaching, singing, playing a musical instrument, praying for one another, washing dishes, preparing food, and the like.  Giving financial support is just one more way of saying how much you appreciate St. John’s and the work that is being done here.

If you have lost your pledge card, just call the office and another will be sent out right away.  Join those who want the future at St. John’s to be secure.

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