Jon and Eliza Lundberg have been attending St. John’s for 4 years and have both been active in several ministries during that time, including serving on the Stewardship committee and convening the Young(ish) Adults Spiritual Life group. 

Jon and I were married in this building right before the pandemic started in 2019.  For us, some of this church’s most meaningful ministries are to our unhoused neighbors.  We have helped with Project Home and at the First Nations Kitchen, serving food to our indigenous neighbors and under-resourced communities in this area.

Jon is an introvert and he prefers to remain more in the background, like by volunteering with the Stewardship committee. I am an extrovert and enjoy being “out front”, so to speak.  Because of our different personalities, Jon wrote what we are sharing today and mine is the voice you are hearing!  I recently took on the role of convening the Young(ish) Adults group.  

Jon and I are thankful that our family has remained healthy during the pandemic so far.  But as a nurse, I’ve seen firsthand the pain COVID has caused.  Besides the physical and emotional challenges, many of us have also experienced financial hardships. The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone and you, like us, may not feel able to give financially to this church as much as you would like to. For others it has been an economic time of plenty and those people are able to give more and will be matching all new and increasing pledges. It’s been gratifying for both of us to share our time for the church’s important work when we could not give financially.  Both volunteering time and giving financially are equally important to the work of this church.  Both kinds of gifts are appreciated by those who benefit from the work of St. John’s.

We’ve seen the congregation of St. John’s living out the collect prayer that we pray every service.  Your financial gifts help St. John’s continue much-needed ministries and your volunteer work provides the help to carry them out. 

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