Help Our Music Ministry “Spring Forward”!

St. John’s has always felt a strong calling to support sacred music and the musicians who create it. That didn’t change during the pandemic, and while the music ministry might have looked a little different this past year, it never went away. Our talented musicians have been continually finding new ways to virtually bring music to our parish and to a world desperately in need of comfort and inspiration. 

Now St. John’s is participating in GiveMN’s SpringForwardMN campaign from May 1-11, with the goal of raising $12,000 for the music ministry so we can return to in-person music events this fall. We need your help!

Why does the music ministry need to raise funds? 
When the pandemic occurred in March 2020 and we realized that musicians would lose income during the Stay-at-Home order, our leadership committed to paying as many musicians as possible for as long as possible. During that time, we have not been collecting donations, and our special music fund is now depleted. 

This September we will safely return to offering in-person sacred music events. Pre-pandemic we had raised $12,000 for the 2019-20 program year which allowed us to use a breadth of resources, work with highly renowned guest musicians, and grow our music offering for the congregation and wider community. Will you help us reach this goal amount once again? Together we can bring sacred music back to our community, providing employment and fellowship.

Click here to view the fundraising page and to donate.

How else can I help? 
If you aren’t able to give financially — or even if you can — please share the fundraising link on your social media and via email to anyone who might be interested! In past years, GiveMN has been an opportunity for us to reach many people outside our congregation and usual mailing list, giving them a chance to donate but also to learn more about Sacred Music at St. John’s. But we can’t achieve that reach without lots of people helping to amplify our voice by sharing the link online.

Why donate to this campaign and not directly to St. John’s? 
One of the most exciting things about SpringForwardMN is that every donation through that fundraising page, from May 1-11, automatically enters St. John’s into a random drawing for bonus grants, from $250-$1,000!  There’s no limit to the number of bonus grants an organization can win, and each donation is one “ticket” in the drawing. So it’s a chance to increase your impact even further! 

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