New Safe Church Guidelines

In our Baptismal Covenant—the words we read aloud together whenever someone is baptized into our community of faith—we promise to respect the dignity of every human being.

One way that we live out that value in The Episcopal Church in Minnesota (ECMN) is through the implementation of our Safe Church Policies. These standards, practices, and guidelines are intended to ensure that our faith communities are safe places where all of God’s people are loved and encouraged to grow into the people God calls us to be.

ECMN has recently updated their Safe Church Policies, reflected in St. John’s own updated Safe Church Guidelines adopted by our vestry. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Read the updated Safe Church Guidelines. If you have questions, contact rector Jered Weber-Johnson or administrative assistant Hanna Stenerson.
  2. Sign and initial the Code of Conduct on Page 9 (even if you are not described by one of the positions in the list). You can print it out on paper or use your PDF reader’s “fill and sign” function before resaving the file.
  3. For parishioners volunteering with our Children, Youth, and Family Ministry or with Community of Hope International: fill out the Background Check forms on pages 11 and 13.
  4. Return your form(s) by mail to the church office (60 Kent Street, Saint Paul MN 55102) or by emailing Hanna at [email protected].

When we follow Jesus and the Way of Love, we do our utmost to ensure that the community of the church is a safe place. That does not mean we won’t encounter difficult ideas, that we won’t challenge and push each other, or even that we won’t at times hurt one another’s feelings. But, it does mean that we will endeavor to protect the physical, mental, and emotional safety of the most vulnerable in our midst, so that there is sufficient trust and room for the hard work of growing in the knowledge and love of God.

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