Adult Confirmations, Receptions, and Reaffirmations

The next service of Confirmation, Reception and Reaffirmation will take place April 30 at 2pm at St. Mark’s Cathedral, Minneapolis.
The Episcopal Church offers the Rite of Confirmation as a means for Adults to express their commitment to be an active and engaged member in the ministry of Jesus in the world. If you were confirmed in another denomination, you can participate in the Rite of Reception and be received by our bishop into this branch of the Church. If you are already a confirmed or received member of the Episcopal Church, but have been sensing that your faith needs some renewal, you may want to participate in the Rite of Reaffirmation and recommit, publicly, to the committed life of faith as a baptized and confirmed Christian.
If you are interested in any of the above, our clergy are eager to meet with you to discuss further and to help you prepare for one of these rites. Contact Jered Weber-Johnson at 651-228-1172 x11.

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