All Souls Eucharist November 2

You are invited to join us in the choir stalls at 7pm on November 2 for a Eucharist celebrating All Souls Day.
For Episcopalians, All Souls Day is one day after All Saints Day and is a day of remembrance for friends and loved ones who have left for the heavenly abode.  On All Souls Day,  friends and relatives of departed souls often pray, light candles, and offer a requiem Eucharist.  The Feast reminds us of our obligations to live lives on the holy path and that there is hope for eternal life for the souls of the departed.
Saint John’s Book of the Names of the Dead is a record of those dearly departed among us.  The book will be available, together with candles, at the Baptismal Font from Sunday, October 15 through Sunday, November 5.  You are invited as part of this time of remembrance to revisit the names in our book and to add to the list as appropriate. Names in the book will be read during the All Souls service.

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