Artaria School Winter Concert

On Friday, January 29, this concert, Music of the “Romantic/Nationalist” Era, will be held at 7 pm. A reception will follow.  Please join us to hear these impressive young musicians.
Walk into the teaching space at St. John’s on a Saturday afternoon and you’ll hear music, a metronome clicking away, loud singing, laughter and lots of chamber music being played. You’ll see violin, viola and cello cases strewn everywhere. You’ll notice people from all backgrounds, from everywhere in our community, scattered around the rooms getting to know each other as they listen to coaches from the Artaria String Quartet in each room coax beautiful and exciting sounds out of the young players. This is the world of ACMS.
Artaria’s mission is simple: to provide excellent music instruction to young musicians in an environment that challenges them, encourages them, and holds them accountable to themselves and to others. The aim is to nurture and inspire each individual, and to welcome all to our community of chamber music enthusiasts.

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