Back Porch Series

Respectful dialogue doesn’t come easily in this divisive time. We are split along lines of class, geography, gender, sexuality, political affiliation, and race. Yet, the New Testament teaches us that in Christ, we are all to be one. How do we live as Christians, and how can we manifest this unity in such a divided world? Can we talk about the “Hot Topics” of our day with substance and meaning and depth, without devolving into shouting and anger? Over these three weeks we will engage some of the most divisive political and social realities of our day over hospitality and in the comfort of our back porch.
For all these conversations, we’ll be using the Building Bridges curriculum developed by the Kaleidoscope Institute. It provides a model of respectful dialogue by using mutual invitation and deep listening, and relies on a set of carefully followed group norms to preserve respect and openness throughout. Each conversation will begin promptly at 7:30 and end no later than 9.
Leave your distractions behind you and come prepared for tough but caring conversations with other adults from St. John’s. Come ready to dig deep, to learn, and to practice gracious conversation across boundaries that divide.
June 7: “Race & Gun Violence (part 1)” will be at Jered & Erin Weber-Johnson’s house: 1765 Jefferson Ave, St. Paul.
June 14: “Race & Gun Violence (part 2)” will be at the Rev. Barbara Mraz’s house: 1666 Jefferson Ave, St Paul.
June 21: “Race & Immigration” will be at Josh & Tisha Colton’s house: 576 Lincoln Ave, St. Paul.
If you have any questions, contact Jered Weber-Johnson at [email protected].

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