Children's Faith Formation Meeting

Join us for a conversation about children’s faith formation at SJE on Tuesday, March 29 from 6-7pm. Dinner and childcare provided.
Our faith community takes pride in our history of offering excellent faith formation for all ages. We believe as a community that faith formation, especially to our youngest members, is among the most important things we do. We also recognize that for any program to thrive, it needs feedback both from participants and those who might participate, but aren’t yet involved. We need your input, feedback, and buy-in for us to live into our mission of being built up “in the knowledge and love” of God. We hope you’ll make this meeting a priority.
Drop your kids off in the nursery beginning as early as 5:30pm. Children will have dinner in the nursery, and parents will have dinner in the Fireside Room as the conversation is going. You can sign up by contacting the church office at 651-228-1172 x10 or [email protected]. Please RSVP by March 22. Let us how many adults and children will be coming in your family, and please indicate any food restrictions you have.

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