Children's Sermon (and special activity) This Sunday

This weekend marks the first Sunday of the month, and as on previous First Sundays the sermon will feature something especially for our young parishioners.
Remember back in March when Jered preached about the faith planted in each of us, a faith we’ve each been called to steward and tend? We planted peas in a pot and took them home. Well, those seeds are full grown now!
This Sunday Jesus sends out the apostles with the reminder that “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” No better way to think about the harvest than to get to the farmers’ market and have a look. At the door of the church, volunteers will be handing out either cash or a “voucher” for kids to go back out (hopefully with a parent) to the market before church begins (or later, if you’re running behind) to pick out two ingredients. Jered has a fun idea for his sermon, but he needs those ingredients to make it work!
Bring the kids to church this Sunday and find out what the harvest might bring! There’ll be a lot for everyone of all ages to learn.

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