Circle of the Beloved Fundraiser

If you are inspired to get involved in this new program or offer your support, there will be a fundraiser for potential partners at our rector’s home at 1765 Jefferson Avenue on June 15 at 8pm. Come learn more and find out how you can partner with Craig and others from across the Episcopal Church in Minnesota in this exciting new ministry.
Circle of the Beloved is a brand-new program of the Episcopal Service Corps located in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The Rev. Craig Lemming of St. John’s is the program director.
In Minnesota, we have some of the widest standard-of-living disparities between white people and people of color in the whole country. The legacy of systemic racism is particularly acute in housing, education, income, and access to opportunity. As followers of the way of Jesus, we are called to challenge disparities like these. Circle of the Beloved intends to live together in intentional Christian community that acknowledges and deepens kinship across many lines of difference. Instead of operating from a benefactor paradigm of “us” helping “them,” they acknowledge innate kinship, where all sides give and receive based on our mutual gifts and needs. They will craft a rule of life together that encourages holy listening and prayer, simplicity, a ministry of presence, and active justice-making in our neighborhoods. They will embark on a journey of racial, socioeconomic, and spiritual reconciliation, grounded in following the way of Jesus.

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