Supper & Unpack the Sermon

Often members of our faith community do not have an opportunity to respond to or discuss a Sermon they hear on Sunday. Gather in the Fireside room on select Wednesdays at 6pm for an opportunity to “Unpack” the previous Sunday’s sermon in a casual conversation that engages the voices and perspectives of all ages. While we enjoy a simple supper, we will share our questions; What inspired you? What challenged you? What did you agree or not agree with, and why? What would the preacher have liked to say if they had more time?
On February 6 The Rev. Jered Weber-Johnson unpacks his sermon. 
On February 27 The Rev. Barbara Mraz unpacks her sermon.
On April 24 unpack the liturgy with The Rev. Neil Elliot. The Rev. Neil Elliott offers a variation on our “Unpack the Sermon” theme by leading an “Unpack the Liturgy” conversation for all ages. Holy Week offers us a marvelous array of liturgies – Palm Sunday / Passion Sunday; Maundy Thursday; Good Friday; Holy Saturday; The Great Easter Vigil; and Easter Sunday. Come and enjoy a simple supper and then “unpack” these liturgies together. What inspired you? What challenged you? What felt uncomfortable or affirming, and why? All are welcome!
On May 29 The Rev. Craig Lemming will unpack his sermon.
Please RSVP for dinner, including any dietary restrictions, to Craig Lemming at [email protected].

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