Contemporary Literacy: A Discussion

Kathryn Allen recently completed a PhD in education. Her thesis focused on the intersection of literacy and technology, and she has graciously offered to present a summer Sunday forum on July 24 at 9am on the same subject. The forum will be held in the Fireside Room.
Literacy and technology have informed and transformed each other since before the first papyrus was pounded into paper, and their interplay continues to influence ways in which we communicate, participate, and come to know ourselves.  This mutual interaction creates cultural shifts that redefine what it means to be literate and impacts the ways in which literacy influences our lives. There is a pressing need to continually examine the role of literacy in society and to explore the practical realities of today’s literacy contexts.  We invite you into discussion guided by the following questions: What does it mean to be literate in contemporary society? What does literacy look like in our individual lives?  What does it mean to be a participant in contemporary literacy practices from a Christ-centered perspective? Please join us as we explore these and other question regarding contemporary literacy.

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