Donate Directly to the Food Shelf

Hallie Q. Brown is a community center located just blocks from Saint John’s. We have a partnership first and foremost because the center is in our neighborhood, serving us and our neighbors. Following St. John’s Strategic Plan and the guidance of its congregation, we formed our partnership with them to reflect the mission of Christ
and our own mission through Outreach.
Working and being with them has been, and continues to be, fruitful and meaningful for everyone involved. One of our biggest ties to them is our ministry to help fight hunger. We give produce to their food shelf through Fields to Families, and have given funds in the yearly Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign.
In the past, we have also collected donations for the food shelf in bins in the St. John’s undercroft. However, we no longer have a volunteer able to transport the donations to the food shelf. As such, the collection bins are being removed.
Your generosity is still very much needed. Hallie Q. Brown’s food shelf is unique because it offers a client-choice model, where community members can pick the items they will use instead of being handed a stock bag which may contain items that do not meet their dietary or cultural needs. They receive over 14,000 visits per year.
We encourage you to keep giving by taking non-perishable food donations directly to the Hallie Q. Brown food shelf, just 7 blocks north of St. John’s. Bring your donations to the food shelf and experience the ministry of “being with” rather than simply “doing for.” It’s a very short trip for a big reward — to give generously, to see the faces of our partners and our neighbors, and to bring God’s love out into the neighborhood.

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