For All The Saints Available Now

The eagerly awaited illustrated history of St. John’s, For All The Saints, is now for sale. This 311-page volume was written by our former Music Minister, Jim Frazier, and is filled with pictures and stories of the myriad families and individuals who have made St. John’s the place it has always been. There’s a good chance that your family may be included.
The narrative brings to life the eras of all of our 16 rectors from Mr. Kittson in 1882 up to the present. A history of St. John’s is also the history of St. Paul as many of our parishioners over the years have been the political, business and cultural leaders of our city and indeed our state. Countless hours of writing, editing and picture gathering have gone into producing what we think is as fine a parish history as has ever been produced. We think you will agree.
To get your copy, stop by the church office (Monday-Friday 9:00am–4:00pm) with a check for $43.05 per copy (tax included). If you preordered a copy, you can drop by the church office (Monday-Friday 9:00am–4:00pm) to pick it up. Books can be shipped for a small charge if you’d like copies for friends and family.

The book was even featured in the December issue of Summit Hill Living!

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