Fundraiser for Kayoro Clinic – deadline July 21st

Use the online form to donate for the fundraiser.  A team of sky divers has been formed to raise money for  the clinic.  Our  intrepid jumpers, The St. John’s JUMPERS!, are willing to jump out of a plane to raise money for St. John’s Clinic Kayoro in Uganda. St. John’s partnered with Give Us Wings in 2008 to bring a much-needed clinic to the small village of Kayoro, Uganda. Today the clinic is up and running. People are being treated and the region is much healthier than it was before the clinic came to be. Our goal with taking part in this JUMP! is to raise enough money to pipe water from a borehole to the clinic so that the clinic will have clean, running water. Currently we have a catchment tank that is empty in the dry months. Clean water is the life blood of any community and the pump that we purchase will make water accessible to the clinic as well as the entire community. Jump with our team on July 21 in Baldwin, WI or come out to support us! Please donate to St. John’s JUMPERS to bring water to St. John’s Clinic Kayoro!
GENEROUS DONATION EVEN BEFORE WE START!: A member of St. John’s has generously covered the costs associated with our team participating in the JUMP! All donations will go directly to St. John’s Clinic Kayoro! This doantion was made anonymously. The donor was moved to make this contribution because, “Bringing water to the clinic is another example of how the people of St. John’s are making a real difference in the lives of others in this world.”


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