Hymn-a-thon May 21

With ten area organists taking one or two hours each, we will sing the entire Hymnal 1982—all 720 hymns, one stanza each—in one day, Saturday, May 21, between 9 am and 9 pm, to raise money for the Bean Fund and special music at St. John’s. Stay for the whole day, or come and go as you need or wish.
You may sponsor the singing of your favorite hymn or block the singing of your most “un-favorite”! Special Hymn-a-thon offering envelopes will be in the pews, or you can stop by the office to make your donation.  We suggest a minimum of $5 per hymn, but any amount will be accepted. (Make checks out to St. John’s and mark  “hymn sing” on the memo line.)
Hymn-a-thon Schedule
(Times are approximate – subject to change)
9:00 am:  Hymns 001-059 (Sharon Kleckner)
10:00 am:  Hymns 060-119 (Jayson Engquist)
11:00 am:   Hymns 120-179 (Sharon Kleckner)
12:05 pm:  Hymns 180-239 (Phillip Baird)
1:05 pm:  Hymns 240-299 (Jacob Manier)
2:05 pm:  Hymns 300-359 (Jayson Engquist)
3:05 pm: *BREAK*
3:10 pm:  Hymns 360-419 (Jim Frazier)
4:10 pm:  Hymns 420-479 (Mark Spitzack)
5:10 pm:  Hymns 480-539 (Phillip Baird)
6:10 pm:  *BREAK*
6:15 pm:  Hymns 540-599 (Nancy Wellington)
7:15 pm:  Hymns 600-659 (Jacob Manier)
8:15 pm: Hymns 660-720 (Nancy Wellington)

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