Craig Lemming Ordination


Craig Lemming will be ordained to the transitional diaconate at the Breck School Fieldhouse (123 Ottawa Ave. N., Golden Valley, MN 55422) on Saturday, June 20 at 1pm. He will be ordained during the Episcopal Church in Minnesota’s celebration of ordination, along with others from many faith communities. We are all invited to this worship, to support Craig as he becomes a deacon. For the duration of his time in the Transitional Diaconate, Craig will be serving occasionally in the liturgy as Deacon. His first Sunday doing so will be June 21.
June 20th is more than our opportunity to celebrate Craig-because so many communities are gathering, this service especially emphasizes the ministry of the entire church. While we will be ordaining particular people, we know that those  individuals did not come to this moment on their own. They come with the support and prayers of all their communities-the people and places and experiences that formed them and helped them define their call to ordained ministry. All faith communities are invited to create a prayer banner that will help create the worship space on June 20th.
We have a chicken wire banner frame along with 6 different colors of fabric, each color representing a different category of prayer: confession and forgiveness, adoration and praise, gratitude and thanksgiving, the church and all ministers, our communities and the world, and the ordinands. We hope that this will be a way for all members of St. John’s to participate in the upcoming ordination service. The banner frame has been hung in the baptistery; during communion you are invited to go and tie your prayers onto the frame. There will also be an opportunity to do so during  coffee hour.

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