"It's About Time"

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Want to do the holidays different this year?

Advent Retreat

This year, “think different” about time:
Packed schedules
Lack of time
Too much time
God’s time vs./.our time.
First-half of-life time differences from second-half-of-life time
Increasing rates of depression during holiday time
The ancient spiritual concept of “retreat” means to withdraw from the hectic hustle and bustle and tend to our spiritual selves. This Advent retreat is an opportunity to do just that, and invite some new perspectives on time and on the holidays into our lives. Many of us wonder how to improve our spiritual lives. Like everything, this takes effort – and time.
We have a superb leader coming to help us. The Rev. David Bergdorf has spent much of his ministry as a counselor, most recently at the Betty Ford Care Center in Palm Springs, California. Participants will gather with David Friday evening, Dec. 2 from 7-9 and Saturday from 10-2. The Spiritual Life Commission is using a major portion of its budget to bring David here since we know this will be wonderful!
It’s about time. Your time, and how you choose to use it. Call Barbara Mraz at St. John’s, St. Paul, if you have questions, 651-228-1172.
Save the Dates: Friday, December 2nd (evening) and Saturday, December 3rd.  An Advent program to help you approach the holiday season with sanity, focus, and inspiration.  Guest Leader: The Rev. David Bergdorf, Episcopal priest, former director of client services at the Betty Ford Center, Palm Springs, California.
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This year, as Steve Jobs said, “Think Different.”

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