Job Opening: Coordinator of Growth & Member Engagement

St. John’s is hiring a Coordinator of Growth and Member Engagement. This is a half time position expected to work 20 hours/week and reports to the Rector. The Coordinator of Growth and Member Engagement will have oversight of and primary responsibility for ministries at Saint John’s related to member connection and membership growth. These include, but are not limited to New Member Ministry, Small Groups/House Groups, Membership Management, and Volunteer Engagement. The incumbent will have strong interpersonal skills, excellent time management, and competency with word processing, social media, spreadsheets, email, and database management. Persons with knowledge of and experience working with new member ministries, connection ministries, and volunteer engagement will have an advantage. Applicants are expected to be able to articulate a theology of church growth and make a spiritual case for member connection and engagement. Knowledge of and experience with the Episcopal Church will be considered positively for applicants. Specific duties related to this position include, but are not limited to:
New Member Ministry – 70%
In consultation & collaboration with the New Member Ministry chair, committee, and clergy, the Coordinator of Growth and Member Engagement will

  • Liaise with the New Member Committee (including Invite, Welcome, & Connect Teams)
  • Guide & mentor Greeter Coordinator, Bread Visitor Coordinator, & New Member Committee Chair
  • Recruit, in collaboration with the New Member Chair, new leaders to the various New Member teams & groups
  • Coordinate New Member Ministry with the staff ensuring the work of the committee is visible and working in concert with the other related ministry areas & teams
  • Oversee Newcomer database/spreadsheet and track necessary data and “way points” for Newcomers on their path to membership
  • Ensure, with the New Member Committee chair, that the various duties and responsibilities and activities of the New Member Committee & teams are accomplished
  • Advocate for Newcomer ministry in congregation, at staff, at vestry

Volunteer Engagement – 15%

  • Assist ministry leaders with volunteer recruitment and management
  • Maintain copies of volunteer position descriptions
  • Secure rosters of members from all groups in the parish
  • Mentor ministry leaders to cultivate a culture of sustainable volunteerism and service
  • Assist new members in identifying volunteer opportunities that match their interests and abilities

Membership Management – 10%

  • As needed, in collaboration with the Parish Office, the Coordinator of Growth and Member Engagement will
    Assist in the upkeep of new member records through the parish database, new member spreadsheet, & parishioner portal
  • Track new member progress through the welcome and connect steps of membership
  • Assist in the production of all parish photo directory
  • Communicate membership categories & definitions to the parish

Small Groups/House Groups – 5%
In consultation and collaboration with the parish clergy and formation commission, the Coordinator of Growth and Member Engagement will

  • Invite new and longtime members to participate in a house group or affinity group.
  • Resource newly formed house groups/small groups with curricula in collaboration with parish clergy
  • Communicate and Advocate Small Group/House Group ministry to the wider parish

Standard benefits for half time employees include pension contributions, paid vacation, personal, and sick and bereavement leave. Medical insurance is not normally offered below 30 hours per week.
To apply, please submit your resume to [email protected] or 60 N Kent St, Saint Paul MN 55102, attn: Sarah Dull.

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