Mustard Seed Offerings

Each month, we have a separate offering dedicated to helping communities outside our doors.  These envelopes are a more deliberate way to organize the kinds of emergency giving we have done before, as
well as a way to give thanks for the mission and ministry we share with our wider community.
On Sunday, October 1, our Mustard Seed offering will benefit Episcopal Homes and Services.
We also thank you for your generous donations on September 3 to our Mustard Seed to benefit Episcopal Relief & Development’s Hurricane Harvey relief work. Our offering that morning raised $1, 453!
Xerxes Eclipse, Director of Donor Services at Episcopal Relief & Development, shared his thanks for all the contributions to the relief efforts:
It’s not easy to watch our neighbors suffer: lives lost, property destroyed and worlds turned upside down. The feeling of helplessness can be paralyzing. …[But] something clicks inside us all when things get bleak. When I speak with donors over the phone, I can hear it in their voices. I see it in the generous contributions of all amounts and types to Episcopal Relief & Development. I read it in their emails of encouragement, pushing us to continue our good work. They have a genuine concern for neighbors in the next town or thousands of miles away. … The outpouring of concern and generosity from all our supporters is humbling, inspiring and overwhelming. Our donors make sure that the something they CAN do will change how the story ends. Our donors continually amaze me.

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