New Faith Formation Series

Why does Jesus’ resurrection matter? How did it—and does it—change the world?

During the Easter season in the 9am formation hour, we will look at six lessons from the Book of Acts and see how Jesus’ resurrection catalyzed his first followers to go out and live differently and affect their world in radical, culture-changing ways, and we’ll think together about what we are empowered and called to do through their example and God’s Spirit.

Join us Sundays at 9am in the Fireside Room for these exciting discussions:

 Apr 8 – Resurrection and Revelation: Seeing Jesus and Going Forth

Apr 15 – Overcoming Division: the Church’s Revolutionary Inclusivity

Apr 29 – “All Things in Common”: the Early Church and Economic Equality

May 6 – A Ministry and Message of Healing and Deliverance: Salvation and Wholeness in the Early Church

May 13 – Service and Suffering: Jesus’ Radically Counter-Cultural Model in the Life of the Early Church

May 20 – The Spirit Imparted to All: the Unprecedented Empowerment of Jesus’ Followers

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