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Please help us by sharing your feedback on our current website. Click here for a short online survey.
This year’s budget includes financial support for a new church website, helping us to feed the faith of both our existing and extended communities. With an updated website, we can support and sustain our congregation with information, reach seekers and new members, and assure that those in need of spiritual nourishment don’t go away hungry!
Our committee for the website project has been assembled: Terri Fishel, Aimee Baxter, Ben Carey, Sarah Garceau, and Craig Solid, with staff support from communications assistant Ellie Watkins and executive administrator Sarah Dull. They bring a diverse background of web and data analysis skills, and are all excited about this new endeavor.
The committee has begun gathering information and are interested in getting feedback from all of you. Please contact any one of the members if you’d like to share your thoughts on the existing website or on what you’d like to see in a new website.

Terri Aimee Ben Sarah Craig
Terri Fishel
 Aimee Baxter
Ben Carey
Sarah Garceau
 Craig Solid
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