Pancake Dinner Feb 9

Mark the beginning of Lent with a pancake dinner! Join us on Tuesday, February 9, 5:30-8pm for pancakes, sausages, berries and juice in the Undercroft. Suggested donation: $5 person; $15 per family. This event supports the J2A youth pilgrimage to Nova Scotia.
Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday) was the day all households were to use up all milk, eggs and fat to prepare for the strict fasting of Lent. These ingredients were made into pancakes, a meal which came to symbolize preparation for the discipline of Lent, from the English tradition. “Shrove” comes from the verb “to shrive” (to confess and receive absolution) prior to the start of the Lenten season. Other names for this day include Carnival (farewell to meat) and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday of the French tradition).

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