Rite 13

In our society, the line between childhood and adulthood is often fuzzy.  Unlike other cultures, we don’t have formalized rites of passage that define the points along the path to adulthood.   We need ways to tell our young people they are making progress; they are growing and learning; they are becoming adults.  The Journey to Adulthood program that we use attempts to do just that.
During the 10:00 am worship service on Sunday, April 12, we will celebrate an important Rite of Passage with some of our teens.  This liturgy is formally called “The Celebration of Manhood and Womanhood,” but is more well-known as “Rite 13” since it takes place near the candidate’s 13th Birthday – much like a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. During the ceremony, we recognize the gift of womanhood or manhood that God bestows on each one of us.  This is a free gift that we cannot earn and need not prove. This gift is the essence of who we are.
On April 12, we will celebrate and recognize Sabine Krall, Elliot Wall, and Charlie Docherty. Please join us.

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