St. John's Clinic Kayoro JUMP! for Africa

Since 2008, St. John The Evangelist has been in partnership with local non profit Give Us Wings on the building and support of St. John’s Clinic Kayoro in Kayoro, Uganda. The doors of the clinic opened in January of 2012 and life for the people of Kayoro and the surrounding area will never be the same. Travelers from St. John’s have twice journeyed half way around the world to get to know the people of this community. We brought with us ideas about health care and nutrition and family planning. We brought with us clothing for the orphan children, a grain grinder that makes processing nuts infinitely easier than it was before, and we brought with us supplies for the shelves of the clinic that the congregation of St. John’s raised the money to build. Along the way we have built relationships with the people and the community. We have learned to ask the community what their priorities are and work with them to bring those ideas to fruition. Last year we formed a sky diving team to participate in the annual Give Us Wings JUMP! Take Wing For Africa event. We had 4 team members, The St. John’s JUMPERS!; Joan Potter, Lydia Morley, Alsion Young and John Kinkead. We raised $5,424 to bring clean water to the clinic. We are participating again this year with a jump team and would love your participation! The return of St. John’s JUMPERS! is a great way to show support for the clinic and our renewed commitment to “One Good Thing.” Please consider how you can be part of this event, JUMP! from an airplane, sponsor the participation costs of our jumpers, donate money through our RAZOO fundraising page (or the collection plate on Sunday by designating the money in the memo line to St. John’s Clinic Kayoro) and come out to Skydive Twin Cities on August 10, 2013 to cheer on our team.
To sign up to JUMP!  please email me, Jennifer Kinkead. I will get the proper paperwork lined up for you and get you listed on the fundraising RAZOO page.
To support our work in Africa financially and cheer on our jumpers please visit our RAZOO site and donate or donate on Sunday in the collection plate.
If you would like to generously cover the participation costs of the jumpers, each jumper incurs approximately $210 in expenses. Just let me know if you wish to do this and I will keep you in the loop.
Thank you for supporting this amazing project in all of the ways that you do. One Good Thing has changed many lives in Uganda and right here at St. John’s in St. Paul.

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