Stations of the Cross Art Exhibits

Two collections of artwork related to the Stations of the Cross are available for viewing at St. John’s through April 30.
In the church nave, fourteen traditional-style ink and brush drawings by Helen Boyer are displayed, with a companion booklet of the drawings available to use for personal reflection. You are invited to come and use the booklet to guide you through the Stations anytime the church is open and available. Booklets can be found at the baptismal font.
In the gallery (the hallway outside the church office), Sarah Stengle is exhibiting original works on paper that are reflections on the Stations of the Cross and combine vintage images and 19th-century text, using collage and abstraction. The exhibit includes a selection of ‘chanting’ drawings that visualize the experience of singing through color; some include the vowel sequence “E U O U A E” from Seculorum Amen, used as a cadence in some medieval music.
Moving from station to station, we are given the opportunity to understand something of Christ’s passion and our involvement in it. We invite you to join us: walk with God, walk with neighbor.

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