Sunday Adult and Youth Faith Formation

Adult and Youth Faith Formation resumes Sunday, September 15 at 9am in the Fireside Room.
Our March faith forums will focus on “The Bible and Lenten Spiritual Practices.”
March 1: “Fasting” presented by Dr. Judy Stack
One of the practices most associated with Lent is fasting or “giving something up” for this season. What does scripture say about the practice of fasting–its purpose and when and why God calls God’s people to fast? We will look at texts and stories illuminating this call to “let go” and “refocus.”
March 8: “Integrity” presented by Dr. Judy Stack
What are your most deeply held convictions and ideals? Repentance is a key theme of Lent. It can sound unpleasant or too focused on our failings, but in the biblical tradition, it is a call to living with integrity and choosing what is life-giving and affirming. Come and explore the positive side of repentance!
March 15: “Witness” presented by Dr. Judy Stack 
What difference does Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit make in the world? How do we articulate that in a religiously pluralistic environment in a way that is respectful and faithful? How do we speak in a way that challenges systems and powers in light of God’s kingdom and invites people into a deeper relationship with God? The early Christians understood these challenges and we can gain wisdom from their example.
March 22: “The Daily Office” presented by Jayan Koshy 
On Ash Wednesday, we are beckoned to the observance of a holy Lent, in part through prayer and the reading of Holy Scripture. How does the quintessentially Anglican tradition of the Daily Office give us the tools to answer this call? In this session, we’ll cover the development of the Daily Office and delve into the ways it teaches us to read and pray with the Bible alongside the historic Church.
March 29: “Contemplative Prayer” presented by Dr. Christine Luna Munger

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