"The Creation" Cantata

A quote that is often attributed to Saint Augustine is,  “He who sings, prays twice.” In the Anglican tradition, we not only sing hymns in worship, but we have translated many of the words of the actual liturgy into tones and tunes to be chanted. In some Episcopal Churches, even the scripture lessons are chanted and sung. The Liturgy of the Word is not always a liturgy of the spoken word, and to put the words to music can bring new perspective and depth to familiar lessons.
In that spirit, on April 30 during the 10am worship service, our youth choir will bring us a portion of the Liturgy of the Word, in song! They will be assisted by the Lay Clerks as the “backup singers” and accompanied by drums, electric guitar, bass, and piano.
The Creation, with music and lyrics by David Bobrowicz and Steven Porter, has been a favorite of choirs since it was published in 1970. (Or to put it another way, it was composed in the “extreme late Renaissance.”) It journeys us through Genesis’s first seven days of creation. Cleverly composed, with lively melodies, the music imparts the mystery of creation in an engaging and accessible way with the use of popular music.
I have conducted this score before in other churches and it is always a hit. The youth choir singers are very excited about presenting The Creation in church. While it is something completely different from most of our service music, it is refreshing and so much fun to sing as well as to listen to. The youth are enjoying learning the notes, which are challenging, and just the sheer joy and energy of the composition.
The Creation retells the powerful story of how God first moved over the waters and with just words brought forth all that is and all that we can see, taste, touch, smell, and hear. God spoke the words and captured our imaginations, and now, the whole world sings God’s praise. Come and hear that praise on April 30, raised by the joyful voices and prayerful hearts of our youth.

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