The Hanging of the Greens

Each year during Advent, the church is magically adorned with greens filling the space not only with beauty but the lovely scent of fresh pine. With the church decorated, it seems that the waiting near its end and celebration of Christ’s birth will soon be upon us.
The transformation is directed by Gary Hagstrom. Gary started hanging the greens approximately 20 years ago when longtime parishioner and good friend, Ted Devitt, asked him to help. What started as willingness to assist a friend has now morphed into the lead for the event. Gary views this as a service he can do for the church. To that end, he has developed a large binder full of pictures and instructions for placing the wreaths and hangings in best place for maximum enjoyment by all. He orders the greens in advance and makes sure they are delivered in the morning on the day of the event — one year they were delivered in the afternoon and were still frozen when the volunteers went to hang them!
With a crew of volunteers from the Men’s group, the Youth group and the Under-40 group, the Hanging of the Greens is truly an activity for the entire parish. Everyone shares the work, the fun, and a few jokes as well. (One perennial favorite is the story of a man who fell off a 40-foot ladder. Fortunately, he was on the bottom rung!)
You are invited to assist with the hanging of the greens on Wednesday, December 13. The event starts at 6:00 with those who are willing to brave the cold to hang greens along the rails outside. The crew moves inside around 6:30 to decorate the nave and altar area.
Afterwards, adults are welcome to join Jered Weber-Johnson at the University Club for refreshments and a discussion on the famous essay, “Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus” — a lovely meditation on the meaning of faith.

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